We all come with a story, a background of sorts. We were told to give a reason for why we were starting up our food truck, so here is why...

Our family didn't need to think for very long. You see, my husband and I grew up where, at times, there was very little to eat, but we were blessed by our parents who made do with what we had. When we became parents, at a very young age, we also had very little to survive on, but somehow got by. Through the years (and three children later), our faith has carried us through. We learned that giving back to our community was not just something we had to do, but something we enjoyed doing. We LOVE our community, who we call family. We believe EVERYONE deserves a full belly. This is why we decided to start a food truck. Not only to help feed others, but as paying customers, you can as well. Our hope is that as we feed you, we will be able to box up meals and feed the homeless and those in need as we go. 

Much love,

Stacy Redel

(Mother, Wife & Cook)